Naturally KIDS Backpack Review: The Perfect Travel Choice for Toddlers

As a mom of two young children, my arms seem to always be full of sippy cups, toys, and snacks. Sometimes it feels like we’re “moving in” everywhere we go! That’s one of the reasons why I was interested in the Naturally KIDS Backpack – so they could carry their own things.

When I choose products for my girls, the top things on my priority list are:

  • Quality. Is the product resilient enough to be used and well-loved?
  • Usefulness. Will this serve a purpose? I’m not big on purchasing things just for the sake of acquiring more stuff.
  • Value. Does the price seem reasonable? It doesn’t make sense to me to buy high-priced items for my children to use and play with.

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Naturally KIDS Toddler Backpack Review
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I was very impressed with the Naturally KIDS Toddler Unicorn Backpack with Plush Unicorn Toy (for Kids 3-5) when I first received it in the mail. The backpack itself is made of strong, durable fabric and I didn’t notice weak points in the stitching.

With the slick lunchbox-style inner lining, side sippy cup pockets, and of course the super soft unicorn plush included, I instantly knew the Naturally KIDS Backpack would be a hit with my kids. And, I was right – I was met with squeals of delight when I showed it to my two-year-old!

Putting Our Toddler Backpack To The Test

We received our Naturally KIDS backpack just days before flying out for a weekend trip. My daughter received several compliments on it and everyone commented on how cute it was!

Its size was absolutely perfect for my toddler to carry – big enough to be useful but not too big that I felt guilty about having her carry it.

She loved the unicorn plush so much that she constantly had it in her eyesight. I never once had to remind her to get her backpack! Pretty impressive for a two-year-old, if you ask me.

My Favorite Naturally KIDS Backpack Features

There’s so much to love about the Naturally KIDS Toddler Unicorn Backpack, but here are my top 3 favorite features:

1. Waterproof Inner Lining

It’s always such a bummer when a leaky sippy cup strikes. No worries with this backpack though because it has a waterproof, spill-proof internal liner! I love that I can easily wipe up any liquid and that the backpack has an extra layer of protection to keep it looking nice.

Spills and accidents are bound to happen, but I was happy to find that it won’t make a totally soggy mess when it does. Definitely worth some bonus points to Naturally KIDS for that one.

2. Dual Side Pockets

I absolutely love that this toddler backpack has two external side pockets. They are the perfect size for sippy cups and bottles of water, and help to free-up some internal storage space as well. The tops of the pockets are elastic, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

3. Perfect Size for Toddlers

Some toddler backpacks are too small and have very little storage space, making them virtually useless. Some are too large, making them heavy and hard for little ones to carry. The Naturally KIDS Toddler Unicorn backpack is just right.

I packed it with all of the items in the picture below, with room to spare!

Naturally KIDS Backpack Capacity

More About The Naturally KIDS Toddler Unicorn Backpack

There are a few more things I want to share with you about this great toddler backpack.

2 Bonus Internal Pockets

These internal pockets were a nice surprise! One has a zipper, and the other has a Velcro flap. They are small, but great sizes for small (ahem, easily misplaced) toys and snacks like gummies or suckers.

Reflective Patch

Safety is always a parent’s top priority. I didn’t realize it at first, but the “Naturally KIDS” emblem on the front is actually a reflective patch. I really like this feature – anything to help my kids be seen in dimly lit areas gives me peace of mind.

Adjustable Straps

This backpack can grow with your child. The straps are study and fully adjustable. And did I mention they’re rainbow?

Quality Plush Toy Included

Sometimes plush toys included with children’s products are, well, not high-quality. Not so with Naturally KIDS. The unicorn plush is extremely soft and well-made. My daughter has been constantly carrying it around the house with her since I gave it to her; it very well may be her new favorite toy!

Several Animals to Choose From

Is your kiddo not into unicorns? No problem! This Naturally KIDS Toddler backpack can come as a dinosaur too! Many animals even have multiple color options.

Other Naturally KIDS Products

Have a bigger kid or looking for something a little different? Naturally KIDS has a full line of slightly larger backpacks and rolling luggage. Check out their other products here.

Small (the size I received)


Rolling Backpack

Aren’t they cute?

Where To Buy The Naturally KIDS Collection

You can find the entire line of Naturally KIDS products on their website, but my preferred method is to buy through Amazon.

I like purchasing new products through Amazon because you can read verified reviews (these toddler backpacks have over 5,000 reviews…nearly 90% are 5-star ratings!) and possibly even free shipping. Plus you have a company’s good reputation backing the product.

Would I Recommend The Naturally KIDS Toddler Unicorn Backpack with Plush Unicorn Toy?

Although the price is a little higher than I typically spend on items like the Naturally KIDS backpack, I found that it exceeded my expectations and is worth the investment.

I also like that Naturally KIDS toddler backpacks with plush toys are tested to comply with the US Child Safety Standards: ASTM, CPSIA, and CSPA.

So, would I recommend the Naturally KIDS backpack to my friends?


Naturally KIDS: Perfect Toddler Backpack
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