Vaschy Kids backpack: A Stylish and Durable Choice for Kindergarten

Our girls have long been out of the diaper bag phase. It’s a lot easier now to leave the house without needing to remember diapers, wipes, snacks, changes of clothes…you know, diaper bag stuff! Now, however, they like to bring as many toys as possible with them everywhere we go – especially my 5 year old. It’s always a fun day for them when they get to pick out a new backpack to carry their baby dolls and plush puppies.

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When they first saw Vaschy’s Glitter Butterfly Backpack, they literally screamed in delight. And you can’t blame them – it is super girly, cute, and has plenty of pockets and storage space for their treasures!

As a budget-conscious mom of 3, it is important to me to purchase things that will last and serve their purpose, all while not breaking the bank. I was very pleased with the quality of Vaschy’s Girls Backpack and the elevated features I found.

My Favorite Vaschy Backpack Features

I like how the Vaschy Kids Backpack is clearly designed for children. The size is just right (15 inches tall with a 12L capacity) for my 5 year old, but would continue to fit her well as she grows over the next few years. The pocket designs are simple, but effective. The patterns offered on this children’s backpack are playful, youthful, and fun.

But, here are a few of my favorite features:

1. Dual Water Bottle Holders

I just really don’t think you can ever have too many cup or bottle holders…and this backpack has two of them. These pockets have an expandable elastic strap that would allow children to hold anything from a bottle, to a sippy cup, to a full-size water bottle.

They’re very versatile and would easily hold any beverage.

2. Reflective Safety Bands

Having someone in a vehicle not be able to see your child is every mother’s worst nightmare. Vaschy has designed their backpack with 2 reflective safety bands on the back straps. This would reflect light if someone was approaching the child from the front.

One thing I wish it had was a reflective patch on the backside of the backpack, so that it would reflect light from someone approaching from behind. But, I still appreciate this safety feature and the lack of a third patch would not affect my purchase.

3. Simplicity of Pockets

Does anyone else’s child like to hoard papers, trash, candy, even rocks (YES, rocks) in their backpack? Vaschy has designed their children’s backpacks with simple and effective zippered compartments.

In the main body of the bag, it has a large double-zippered pocket that would easily hold a lunch box and several other items needed for school. It’s large enough to hold an A4 folder, but not so large that items will be easily lost. It also has a separated pocket that could be used for a small computer or tablet.

The remaining two compartments of the bag are smaller, and would be ideal for pencils, pens, stickers, or other small items. In these pockets, it would have been nice to see a small inner zippered compartment on the front of the bag, but then again, less places for kiddos to hide things that should be thrown away.

More About The Vaschy Kids Backpack

Other things to love about this Vaschy Backpack:

It’s made of quality, lightweight, water-resistant fabric

Anytime I’ve bought something that was cheaply made or of poor design, it seems to last about .3048372 seconds with my kids before it has a rip or a tear. That’s not the case with this backpack – the stitching is durable, zippers were secure, and the material is thick and up to the task! I also don’t have to worry about spills, accidents, or weather taking their tolls.

A variety of color and style options, including dinosaur, rainbow, unicorn, and cars

Every kid is different. Their backpack should be too.

Has a top handle strap and loops for extra storage

Ever done the “ah! The bus is coming!” backpack grab….that top handle is golden.

Has a buckling strap that goes across the chest to keep the straps from sliding off small shoulders (yay!)

This strap is very helpful in stabilizing the load and giving just a bit more support when loaded with treasures.

Would make a great gift for any child between the ages of 3 and 6

I’m sure of this, because my kiddos argued over who got to keep this one. I’m also a big fan of presents that are useful and don’t get lost in the bottom of the toy box. Vaschy’s Children’s Backpack would also be a great tool for kiddos attending preschool, daycare, summer camp or playdates. 

A Great Backpack for Preschool and Kindergarten Students

On their website, Vaschy claims that their mission is to craft high-quality, practical products at affordable prices that you can count on for every chapter in life. From what I’ve seen, they are doing just that. Their products are available directly, through their website, as well as on Amazon. And just in case you’re wishing they made various bags and products for adults, you’re in luck – they do! The “vintage backpack” is my favorite style.

Previously, Vaschy was an unfamiliar brand to me. But after doing some research, I found that all of their products have a 4.5 star (or more!) rating on Amazon. That seems like a big accomplishment to me and goes to show their high level of quality products and customer service.

After being introduced to the Vaschy Children’s Backpack, I found stylish, high-quality and affordable products. It is an excellent choice for preschoolers through young elementary students. “Simple and Neat,” just like the Vaschy tag claims.

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