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All that you have

If you’ve ever taught (or even just heard) a child to pray, you know how sincere and heartfelt their prayers can be. I’ve mentioned before that our youngest daughter (who just turned 5) has a little bit of a speech delay that she is currently receiving therapy for. As a result, the verbal skills we […]

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Uncounted blessings

Uncounted Blessings

Recently, I was a part of a study with a group of ladies where we discussed “counting our blessings.” You’ve probably been a part of or at least heard a similar discussion on how we need to be grateful and appreciative for all of the good things in our lives. But this study added a

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Sometimes, I struggle.

Sometimes, I struggle.I struggle with wanting to provide fancy, homemade snacks and the simplicity of Goldfish. I struggle with wanting to make healthy meals and the convenience of drive-thrus on busy nights. I struggle with having my children help with chores and letting them enjoy a playful childhood. I struggle with wanting them to be

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